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From the moment I decided to create the “Tutor’s Group” I have been really excited about creating this bundle!

It is so important to be really clear about who it is you want to tutor if you want your business to be a success.

When I first started tutoring I was desperate to prove I would be successful.

I knew who I wanted to tutor (primary aged children in maths and English) but that was as focused as I was. So when I was asked if I could help a lad who lived an hour away, I agreed because I hadn’t thought of the implications of travelling that far.

Then I was asked to support a girl in the next village who was sitting her GCSE maths. I knew the family and they were local. So I agreed; even though I hadn’t thought about the fact that I would have to create a LOT of new resources.

I was agreeing to anything anyway and I consequently I was wasting time and money…

The better you can get to know the person you want to tutor the more efficient you can be. Your marketing will be far more effective and consequently your business will thrive. It is so important that you know exactly who it is that you want to tutor. Who it is may evolve over time as most things in life do, so this is something you may want to review every few months.

The videos aren’t going to win me any Oscars but I hope you can look beyond on that and find true value in the content.

This is an ideal first bundle to get you started. I hope you find the contents useful and please do leave your comments / questions in the Tutor’s Group and we will be there to offer you all the support you will need.


video link        click here to download

Who do I want to tutor printable can be downloaded here

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