Regardless of the age range you tutor, you will need a DBS check to be carried out.

The age range you can tutor will rely largely on the tutoring style you choose to adopt.

Clearly the resources you use with a younger child will be considerably different to those used with an older child or adult.

With the younger children and many of the older children, I will use a lot of games to support the children’s learning.

For older children with exams on the horizon I will incorporate past exam questions but use games and other various activities to reinforce any areas with which they are less confident.

Also think about the sort of person you are. Could you work with a younger child with a shorter attention span or could you work with the “monotony” of less varied resources.

Who do you relate to better?

All these things can change so be prepared to change with them.

Initially, choose an age group and focus here. That way all the resources you make will be age/ ability specific and it will save you a lot of time in preparing something new for every single lesson.

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