There are some fantastic website which will allow you to download their resources for free.

Two I use most frequently are TES and Teachit maths and Teachit English. There are other Teachit websites for other subjects but the resources available here are great as they are very varied: games, quizzes, etc.

I also use Rummikub for teaching odd and even numbers and sequenes.

I also keep a bag of bananagrams in my bag that can be used for spelling and vocabulary skills.

Making my own resources is something I do a lot of.

I create a lot of games especially for things like multiplication which needs a lot of repetition but needs to be kept interesting in the process. I play these games with children aged from5 to 16 and also with adults. I find age isn’t a restriction here, more the student’s attitude to learning.

One game I play a lot and can be easily adapted is noughts and crosses (tick tack toe).

You need to start by drawing a noughts and crosses grid: 2 horizontal lines which are crossed by 2 vertical lines.

Then in each square I place a number (when focusing on times tables).

Choose which number you want to multiply by then before you claim your square you need to multiply the number written in it by your chosen times table.

The first person to get a row of 3 wins.

The squares could also be filled with letters: think of an antonym / synonym starting with that letter, a word ending in or starting in.

The square could have a date or a name: What happened on that date or what did that person do? How are they relevant?

You could put a word in the square that needs translating.

A maths question that needs solving or a term that needs defining are also options.

It’s fun and takes very little preparation. It also acts as a really good gap filler and revision technique for the end of the lesson.


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