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This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many variables.

Will you be tutoring online or in the physical environment? Will the lessons take place in your home or theirs? What resources will you use?

You will obviously need to charge more if you are incurring travel expenses and your experience will also be a factor in what you can charge.

Your beliefs and personal reasons for tutoring will also be an influence on your price.

I know Starr Tutoring is not the cheapest tutors in the area but we are definitely not the most expensive. For what we provide I believe we are offering the best value for money.

Why don’t I put our prices up?

Because I believe that support should be available to every child that needs it and not just those who are lucky enough to have parents on a high income.

You need to decide what your principles are and price your lessons accordingly. But if you want you tutoring business to be a great success, whatever you charge you need to ensure you are offering the best value for money that you can.

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