How do I start a tutoring business?

With the benefit of hindsight there are a few things that would have helped enormously when I started tutoring.

I go into them in more detail in the 7 day tutoring challenge but as a quick overview here goes:

  1. Get to know a hypothetical version of your ideal tutee really well. This is really important as it will help you with marketing your tutoring services and help you create a resource library that can be used time and again.
  2. The importance of having a Facebook page for your tutoring website
  3. Cheap but effective marketing
  4. Telling people what you are doing; shout it from the roof tops!
  5. Build an email list so you can send regular emails to potential tutees so they can get to know, like and trust you.
  6. The advantages of having your own website.


If you would like to download the challenge click here

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