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Here we will bring you short nuggets that will help you to grow a successful tutoring business of your own.

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STTV: Video 1

If you can’t get into work because of the weather, there’s probably still things you can do to grow your business.

Nuggets of support to grow your business

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STTV Episode 2:

This video explains why there is more than enough work for many more people to start quality tutoring businesses and have a sufficient amount of work.

Nuggets of support to grow your business

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STTV Episode 3:

This very short video asks what you are doing today to grow your tutoring business

Nuggets of support to grow your business

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STTV Episode 4:

No matter how much you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, keep going.

Practice and persistence will pay off.

I know that these early videos are not the most professional you will see on the internet but looking beyond that you might spot something in the message that you can relate to.

Keep going, keep practising and you will reap the reward, because it will happen! Look to what other successful tutoring businesses are doing and be inspired by them.

What are they doing that you could do to grow your business and make it equally or even more successful. Have you heard of the man who stopped digging for gold just inches away from where it was, he would have been set up for life.

Don’t be the person who gives up.

Nuggets of support to grow your business

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STTV Episode 5

Over the past 6 years what I defined as stepping out of my comfort zone has changed dramatically! 6 years ago it meant admitting I had started my own tutoring company. Today it means being interviewed by an American radio company about helping others grow their own successful tutoring businesses.

Nuggets of support to grow your business

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Episode 6:

I want to share this quote from Tony Robbins with you because with the compound effect of a slight improvement every day you will soon be in a different league to all the other tutors.

Nuggets of support to grow your business

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STTV Episode 7:

If you wanted to learn to drive you would find a driving instructor.

Perhaps you wanted to learn a musical instrument, again you would look for a teacher and ask for help.

If you wanted to start your own tutoring business, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help.

The more questions you ask, the help you seek the quicker you will grow and the sooner you will reach your personal success goals.

Nuggets of support to grow your business

Starr Tutoring Association

In this link video I explain how tutoring links to the Big Bus Tour. It might seem like a strange logic, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from. Enjoy!

Nuggets of support to grow your business

My goal with STTV (Starr Tutoring Television) is changing.

Originally, I wanted to share short wisdom’s that you could use in growing your business.

But what I think what is more beneficial is if I share with you each day the things, I am doing to grow my own tutoring business. To demonstrate how I am building Starr Tutoring and the Tutor’s Tutor so you can swipe these ideas, amend them or completely change them before using them to grow your own successful tutoring business.

Some people will be cynical and ask why I am doing this. It’s because there are so many people these days needing tutors, and with the best will in the world I can’t support everyone myself.

At Starr Tutoring we only support maths and English and we are geographically fairly small. There are people all over the world that need tutors and we can’t cater for that.

However, I do feel that families have a right to expect a certain calibre of service when they find a tutor. I hope, the more I can promote this message great quality tutoring will become more of the norm. Tutors will no longer get away with using there phones regularly throughout lessons. Students will have lessons which are based upon their own individual needs rather than a generic one style suits all approach.

Day 3 video diary: using Canva

Using Mailchimp to send out the 5 Step Tutoring Challenge couldn’t be easier!

Happy New Year!

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