Are you looking to change your life by becoming a successful tutor?


It’s almost impossible to ignore that more and more people are looking for support to get through their education and ultimately their exams and qualifications.

The next observation that is difficult to ignore is the undeniable truth that there just aren’t enough good tutors.

During March 2018, I was receiving on numerous emails or phone calls each and EVERY day asking for support with English and maths.

Even though Starr Tutoring is growing as a company, we can’t keep up with this demand.

I have made it my mission to support others in becoming successful tutors and in doing so make a positive change to the lives of many.


Why would you want to become a tutor?

Good question and I agree, it’s not the right choice for everyone.

  • However, tutoring will offer you the chance to change someone’s life by boosting their confidence and helping them to grow their knowledge.
  • It gives you the opportunity to meet a wide range of amazing people.
  • It allows your creative ideas to flow free!
  • Tutoring gives you a feeling of pride and achievement when someone achieves their goal because of how you helped.
  • Tutoring offers you freedom and independence.
  • The list goes on….


Who makes a good tutor?

Like I mentioned previously, tutoring doesn’t suit eveyone.

Successful tutors seem to demonstrate very similar characteristics:

  1. Empathy and patience
  2. A creative flair to help them to think of new ways of approaching different tasks
  3. An ability to share their knowledge with others, going back to the basics when necessary.
  4. Flexibility and an ability to get on well with people.
  5. A passion for helping people develop


How can we help?

If tutoring is something you are interested in there are a few ways we can help.

We have just launched “The Starr Tutoring Association”

The aim is to help you grow a successful tutoring business.

To create something that will have a massive impact on your life and at the same time help you to help others.

The Starr Tutoring Association will:

  • Provide a place you can get expert advice about working with special needs children or if you have any concerns about the welfare of the children you are working with.
  • Download contracts that you can swipe and implement in your own business
  • Celebrate your achievements in the annual awards
  • Discounted workshops and training days
  • Offer you somewhere to find motivation and support (I learned very early on that working at home with no other team could be very isolating).
  • This will be an online support group for those wanting to become a tutor or to expand a tutoring business that already exists.
  • The “Tutor’s Group” is the Facebook group where you will be provided with support, motivation and advice.
  • You will learn the actions we have implemented which had been successful and helped us to grow.



I want to help more people create successful tutoring businesses


My ambition: to make this the best support group for tutors that I can.


Each month a new training bundle will be uploaded to help you get started and then grow your business.


We will share some of your success stories on our website, which will help you to raise your profile and grow a successful business.

Each year we will also celebrate the growth and success of your businesses through the Start Tutoring Awards. Again, this will help you to raise your company profile and reputation.


What will it cost to join “The Starr Tutoring Association”?

The Starr Tutoring Association will available for just £27 a month.

Even better there isn’t a minimum membership requirement, if the Starr Tutoring Association isn’t for you, you can leave at anytime.

To join just click on the link below:



Any questions, please do get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Speak soon



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