For years I have studied Dyslexia.

Sitting through hours of courses and books, some better than others.

I have spoken to dyslexic children and their parents.

I have worked with those who have dyslexia in boosting their confidence and abilities in both maths and English.



Then with everything I have learned I have endeavoured to make Starr Tutoring better for all those that we support.


In 2012 whilst on a training course someone suggested I had a go at tutoring. Building my own business and working with children, no thanks! I had been there and done that and it had ended terribly. She persisted with the idea and I spoke to another friend who suggested it could definitely be worth ago. I agreed and in February 2012, Starr Tutoring was created and I had my first tutee, then soon another. I put in everything I had learned from working in the various childcare settings, bringing up my own children and the numerous courses I had been on over the years to create a structure which I hoped would be as good as that provided by other tutors.

What I hadn’t realised I was doing was creating a business that went far beyond what many tutors provided.


Regardless of whether the child was dyslexic, I implemented everything I had learned in the previous 13 years of working with children, my degree and the numerous courses I had carried out on Dyslexia.

But more importantly I offered confidence, enthusiasm and self-belief. I used various teaching styles and tried to cater each lesson towards what was required by that individual.


I believed then and I still believe now that we can all benefit from a holistic, fun, varied approach to learning.


In the Dyslexia Bundle I try to consolidate what I have learned about dyslexia and present it in a form that would make it easy for you to pass on to parents should they ask for your advice on the subject.


It won’t teach you everything. No one will ever know everything as research and opinions are always coming up with new ideas.

But I hope that it will offer you a firm foundation.


Download the e-book I once inside the bundle.

There are also other bundles within the membership site which will offer support on creating activities which are “Dyslexic Friendly”.


If you want to find out more about the membership group, click here





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