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Starr Tutoring Brand Associates Important tips on becoming a tutor

If you are considering tutoring, this is some of the most important advice I can give you... Continue Reading >


After a recent conversation I was amazed at how the practices of different tutors vary so dramatically. Should there be certain standards and expectations?... Continue Reading >

Our dog has what every tutoring business needs!

What is there about your tutoring business that will get people talking to you?... Continue Reading >

Happy Birthday Starr Tutoring

  6 years ago a friend suggested I had a go at tutoring. With no idea what was expected of a tutor and with not much more confidence I was talked into giving it ago. It is incredible how much can change in 6 years! It was a Sunday evening in March 2012 when I... Continue Reading >

Should I become employed as a tutor or start my own tutoring business?

Are you considering becoming a tutor? Are you considering which will work better for you: starting your own tutoring business or finding employment as a tutor? This blog will help... Continue Reading >

What can a tutor charge?

What can a tutor earn? This is a question with no one correct answer. There are so many variables when considering what a tutor can earn that the answer to this question has a huge range and no clear solution.   Here are 5 influences which you need to consider when setting your price as... Continue Reading >

The advantages of not following the crowd

Do your own thing and reap the benefits of not following the crowd... Continue Reading >

Do you aspire to have your own tutoring business?

In order to achieve you goal, large or small it will involve exactly the same steps. Read on to find out how you can start to grow your tutoring business... Continue Reading >

How to make your profile stand out from the crowd

Do you want to write a profile that will help you to stand out as a profile. This post will help you to do that... Continue Reading >

Training for Tutors

Are you looking for free support to get you started as a tutor? Our regular blogs and weekly emails will help with that... Continue Reading >

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