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Who can I ask? Safeguarding children when tutoring

Who can I ask? Safeguarding children   If you work for yourself as a tutor there will be times when things will occur and you will wish there was someone you could ask for advice.   About a year after I started tutoring I started going to a young girl who lived alone with her... Continue Reading >

To pay or not to pay? That shouldn’t be an option!

To pay or not to pay? That seems to be the question!   Sadly, getting people to pay for the tutoring they have received can be like getting blood out of a stone. When I started tutoring I was naive and presumed if I did the work, especially if I put my heart and sole... Continue Reading >

Don’t let a lack of confidence stop you

The importance of confidence Life throws a lot of things at you and it will either boost or knock your confidence. Too often we stop ourselves from trying things because we don’t have the confidence. But this can stop us from doing so many things that will help us to grow great businesses. The more... Continue Reading >
Take the time with the preparation and it will save you time and create a more professional finish

It’s all in the preparation

It’s all in the preparation For just over 12 years I was married to a perfectionist. We would move into a house that needed updating and he would set to work. He would spend hours preparing each room ready for him to decorate. I would be eager to get on with the stuff that showed... Continue Reading >
Cheap and simple things you can do to get started as a tutor

Get started as a tutor

It takes so much time to get things started.   When you start something (ie. Tutoring), you are keen for it to get started; for many reasons: It’s a new adventure and enthusiasm is high You are starting the business because you need the money By tutoring you hope to genuinely make a difference to... Continue Reading >

What’s your motivation?

What’s your inspiration? What motivates you?     What motivates us and acts as our inspiration will inevitably evolve over time as we evolve as an individual. When I started tutoring my goal was nothing more than to leave the job I was in so I could put my degree into practice, stimulate my brain... Continue Reading >
But whose fault is it?

We all make mistakes, have patience with the person you’re working with

  But is it actually their fault or yours!   There will be times when working as a tutor that you will explain something to someone and they will then attempt it themselves but make a mistake.     You will explain it again, but they will make another mistake. It might be the same... Continue Reading >
Cheap effective methods to market your tutoring business

Boosting your income in the summer holidays

What will you do this summer?   It’s mid-July and within a couple of weeks schools will break up, people will go on holiday and work as a tutor could decline along with your income.   Some people will have policies in place to state that a holding fee is required to secure the spot... Continue Reading >
Resources that you can easily implement in your business

Choosing my top 10 resources

I’ve spent the last few days creating a resource bundle for the Starr Tutoring Association. Going through the different resources I use made me realise what I huge library I had put together over the past 6 years. I explain why I think using a range of resources is important in the “Learning needs to... Continue Reading >
Could this thought help you grow your tutoring business?

What would the best tutor do?

What would the best tutor do?   I’ve just finished creating the resource bundle for the “Starr Tutoring Association” membership group.   It’s been eye opening.   When I first decided to make this bundle, I thought I would be able to mention every resource that I use. It soon became apparent that I actually... Continue Reading >

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