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Don’t let a lack of confidence stop you

The importance of confidence Life throws a lot of things at you and it will either boost or knock your confidence. Too often we stop ourselves from trying things because we don’t have the confidence. But this can stop us from doing so many things that will help us to grow great businesses. The more... Continue Reading >

Think before you speak!

Now you’ve put farter! I know times have changed and teachers don’t make fun of children like they used to! But we need to be so careful about the way we talk to the children we work with. An off the cuff comment can have a lasting effect on a child’s confidence. Probably 35(ish) years... Continue Reading >

Why support others in becoming tutors?

Is there something you feel strongly about? I believe that when someone invests in a tutor, they should expect a certain standard of service from that tutor. Undeniably, there are many people who would make astounding tutors if they had the confidence to start tutoring. I have told this story many times before, but I... Continue Reading >

How my naivety helped me to create a successful tutoring business.

In 2012 when it was suggested I had a go at tutoring, I was completely naive. I had worked as a childminder but that was simple: They tell you their requirements. When you had proven you were doing this, you were promoted on OFSTED’s website. When I started working as a tutor, there was no... Continue Reading >

Why you need to plan

Why plan? When you started tutoring did you have a goal in mind? Did you start tutoring for a reason? Maybe it was because you needed to earn some more money to subsidise another job. Did you love teaching but working in a school meant too much time being spent on paperwork and administration? The... Continue Reading >

2018: What a difference a year makes!

December will be with us in the next 48 hours. Then before we know it, we will be flying into 2019 and we will all be asking what happened to 2018?   Sometimes it’s great to stop, take a breath and acknowledge what we have achieved in the past 12 months.   As we entered... Continue Reading >

12 Reasons to become a tutor

Why become a tutor?   Out of all the jobs out there, why are you considering tutoring? I was asked why I did it and I think this is the best explanation I can give. Everyone goes to work for a reason. For most of us it’s to earn the money to pay the bills,... Continue Reading >

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream?   It may sound obscure, but when writing the blogs, I am largely writing my ideas down for myself. It is hard to imagine that others will take the time to read them.   But I do have a dream, something I want to achieve in life. The other day... Continue Reading >

How do you see your future as a tutor?

The best tutors plan their lessons, they also plan their future   What are your intentions for your future as a tutor? Whether it is to just get you through a short-term financial blip or start a movement that will change the face of tutoring forever. You need to know where you are heading.  ... Continue Reading >

“It’s so different to being in the classroom!”

Very few children, especially younger ones would choose to have a tutor. Some children learn differently to methods used in the classroom by teachers. Yesterday I was talking to one of our new tutors about planning a lesson and the type of resources we use.   We spoke about the tasks we can use within... Continue Reading >

What does the Big Bus Tour ™ have in common with tutoring?

What does the Big Bus Tour ™ have in common with tutoring?   Yesterday was the bank holiday so mum, my youngest and I went for a day out in London. We used the Big Bus ™ as our transport to give mum the chance to go down memory lane. Some of the buses had... Continue Reading >

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