Starr Tutoring Brand Associates


This opportunity will only suit a very small number of people, but for those people it will be the opportunity of a life time.

Are you keen to grow your own tutoring company?

You relish the challenge of growing your own company but at the back of your mind there’s an element of doubt. If you could have the support of an established company but the freedom of running your own, you would be in your element.

The opportunity to become a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate could offer you that opportunity.

We are looking for people who want to grow their own successful maths and / or English tutoring business.


Does this sound like you?


These people will be team players.

The most important team they will create will between themselves and the tutee that they are working with. You will be a study companion. Someone to motivate, guide, inspire and help them to build the knowledge that they need to keep up with their peers, to pass their exams or to survive in everyday life.


Continually strives for perfection from themselves.

If we improve ourselves by 1% everyday we will grow and become amazing tutors. The only way we will motivate ourselves to improve is to be dedicated to perfection. We acknowledge that systems are in place to help us grow. To help us build better, stronger businesses. The better we are at our work the more people we can support in finding confidence in both maths and English. The more lives we can transform. The more lives we transform, the stronger your business is becoming.


Hungry for achievement.

Building a business is hard work. Even with support you must be hungry for achievement to make it happen. You must have your own goals and ambitions as well as being dedicated to helping those you work with achieve. Tutoring is a double winged spiral of success. As the child you work with achieves the more your reputation grows. The more your reputation grows, the easier it will be for you to grow your business, help more children and live the life of your dreams.


You must be committed both to those that you tutor and the growth of your business.

What your business can provide for you; the feeling of pride and achievement and the financial success that goes hand in hand with growing a successful business.


Enthusiastic, energetic and encourages individual ability.

If you are bland and indifferent about the support you are supporting, how can you expect someone who struggles with it to find any enthusiasm? Your enthusiasm will be infectious. The more enthusiastic and energetic you are the more the student will learn a love for the subject. Even if you start the day feeling less than enthusiastic, you will find by faking these emotions they will quickly become your reality. The lesson will be a success and you will inevitably feel enthusiastic to continue to help and grow.


Isn’t cynical.

No one is perfect. Not you nor I, nor the person we are working with. We must remember this and remember that we all learn differently and at our own pace. If someone doesn’t get it the first time, the second time, the third time. Don’t get stressed, don’t get critical. This is our responsibility to help them find the answers. To understand why it works this way. If they don’t get it, we need to be willing to look in at ourselves and ask whether it is our explanation that is the problem, rather than their inability to understand. Is this something you could do? Could you accept responsibility rather than reflect it right back and play the blame game?



If you were to become a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate, what support will you receive?

Our mission is to ensure you succeed so we will give you as much practical support to grow your business as is necessary.

Our goal is to transform tutoring. We believe that lessons should be fun, use a range of resources and concentrate on the specific needs and learning styles of the individual you are working with. The lessons should take place in the comfort of the student’s home. A place that they feel secure and relaxed putting them into a better mindset enabling them to learn and to get the best possible benefit from the lessons you provide.

The only way we can support every child that needs support is with your help. We need you to run a successful business so that you can support as many people as possible. Individually we are all to small to make this a reality. As a group we can move mountains. We can make a huge influence on the tutoring that people expect to receive.

What other support will a Brand Associate receive?

  • We will help you acquire your DBS check if you don’t currently have one.
  • You will receive a copy of our training manual (which normally sells for £197) which highlights step by step the systems we have in place that if implemented will help you grow a hugely successful tutoring business.
  • We will help you with your marketing:
  • 100 business cards
  • 1000 fliers
  • 2 car magnets
  • 5 starter packs
  • A bumper tutor’s stationary pack for you to take to your lessons
  • Use of our logo and reputation to help you to build your business
  • You can post blogs on our website with your contact details on so that you are seen by more people. (Blogging has made an incredible impact on the number of people viewing our details and getting in touch).
  • We will support you in building up a social media presence.
  • Your details will also be on the tutor’s page of the Starr Tutoring website.
  • You will receive the templates for the activities we use in the lessons
  • Free membership of the “Starr Tutoring Association” where you will receive more training, access to our annual awards for Free, advice from safeguarding and special needs experts, plus much more.
  • You will be invited to Aylesbury every 6 weeks for a training / mentoring meeting. This will give us the opportunity to have an in depth look at your own company. We can discuss how and where you want to grow to help you create the business of your dreams.
  • We can also be contacted at anytime to help with any issues you may have.


As an individual the ceiling of what we can achieve is relatively low. As a team the ceiling rockets skywards. The greater the size and power of the team the higher we can move that ceiling.

The higher the ceiling the more children we can support in

Finding confidence and knowledge in the comfort of their own home.


Starr Tutoring is going to be a national success. That success is going to be built upon an amazing reputation. If you want to become a part of this phenomenon in tutoring you will want to know more.


What does it cost?

The initial start up investment is just £497. The monthly investment is just £197.

This covers everything that is mentioned above. For a very small investment you will have the power to build an amazing tutoring business. You won’t waste a fortune on making mistakes. We have been there and made them for you. We have learned from those mistakes and will make sure that you don’t make the same ones.

All the great successes in life have had a mentor, someone to help them to navigate the journey it takes to grow their business. They have listened, learned and most importantly, implemented.

Every great success in the world of sport, business, life; has had a team behind them. Join us and become the next tutoring success.

If you want to know more fill in the form below and explain why you want to be a part of this opportunity. From this we will arrange a phone call to discuss things in more detail.

Having found out more about each other, if it seems mutually beneficial to proceed we will arrange a meeting where we will talk further. At the end of this meeting if you want to proceed further a holding fee of £97 will be payable and the paperwork will be completed for your DBS check.

Once we have received evidence from you that you have received this, the final £400 will be payable.

You will then be invited to Aylesbury for the day and we will give you:

  • The training manual,
  • business cards
  • fliers
  • car magnets
  • starter packs
  • The bumper tutor’s stationary pack for you to take to your lessons
  • Along with your first day of training.


Ready to take the first step in building the rest of your life?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…




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