In 2017 Starr Tutoring were runners up in a national customer service competition.

Out of 200 entries we reached the final 6 but were beaten by a kitchen company….

Starr Tutoring has come a long way since it was founded by Dawn Strachan (nee Starr) in 2012.


When Starr Tutoring was established the aim was to provide a second income. Within 6 months, Starr Tutoring had grown a fantastic reputation and had become a full time business.


Over the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that there aren’t enough tutors to meet the ever increasing demand. With class sizes growing and the syllabuses getting harder, the class teacher is being put under increasing pressure to work at a faster pace and skim over some of the syllabus. Inevitably some people in the class will get left behind….


Although Starr Tutoring is now a team of fantastic tutors, they cannot meet the present demand for additional support. In March 2018, Starr Tutoring was receiving on average between 1 and 2 emails or phone calls EVERY day for support with English or maths.


If more people are to get the support they need to succeed more tutors are needed.

At the same time as the awards ceremony last year I was asked for advice from several people about starting and growing their tutoring business.

I was in my element, I realised that this is what I enjoyed doing:

Talking about what we had done to grow Starr Tutoring

The things we had implemented which had been successful and helped us to grow.

The disasters we had had and how they needed to avoid them.

I decided I wanted to help more people to grow successful tutoring businesses.

I wanted to create something that would have a positive impact.

This was something I enjoyed and it would motivate me because I knew I was passionate about it.

I knew that if I was inspired by this my enthusiasm would help to inspire others.

I wanted to offer somewhere that other tutors could go to find motivation and support (I learned very early on that working at home with no other team could be very isolating).

These are some of the reasons why I decided to create Start Tutoring.

I decided to make this the best support group for tutors that I can.

My mission is to: “Help as many people from around the world as I can create successful tutoring businesses, so that there is the support for those who need it to advance their own personal dreams”.


If you want to be a part of the “Tutor’s Group” click here to find out more on how to join us.

Maybe owning your own tutoring business isn’t for you?

In that case may be becoming a Brand Ambassador or an employed tutor for Starr Tutoring would be better options.

To find out more about becoming a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate: Click here

Or to discover more about becoming a Starr Tutor as an employee: Click here


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