How my naivety helped me to create a successful tutoring business.

Posted on December 17th, 2018

In 2012 when it was suggested I had a go at tutoring, I was completely naive. I had worked as a childminder but that was simple: They tell you their requirements. When you had proven you were doing this, you were promoted on OFSTED’s website.

When I started working as a tutor, there was no one to tell me what to do how to do it or why to do it that way.

So, a friend and I brainstormed what we would expect from a tutor if we were looking for one for one of our children.

That is how I then went about my business, offering what I felt other parents would want. I had in effect put myself in my customer’s shoes.

In the years since I’ve been on numerous training programs, had mentors, read hundreds of books on growing a business and virtually each one has said that most businesses fail because they don’t put themselves in their customer’s shoes.

They only think about themselves and what they want to offer.

If you want to be successful as a tutor, that won’t work.

You need to get to know the people you tutor, find out about what they want. Treat them as individuals. Don’t offer a conveyor belt system. We are all unique and as such, that is how we all want to be treated.

Remember this and you will thrive as a tutor.

Put the tutee first.

If you are considering tutoring and want someone there to guide you, we can help.

Recently I created the Ultimate Guide to Tutoring on Udemy.

It walks you step by step through many of the aspects you will need to consider to become a successful tutor. 

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Have a great 2019 and I wish you every success in becoming a truly successful tutor.

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