2018: What a difference a year makes!

Posted on November 30th, 2018

December will be with us in the next 48 hours. Then before we know it, we will be flying into 2019 and we will all be asking what happened to 2018?


Sometimes it’s great to stop, take a breath and acknowledge what we have achieved in the past 12 months.


As we entered 2018, I had goals, some were huge and will inevitably spread over the next 5 years. Some were fairly insignificant in the greater scheme of things.


The Tutor’s Tutor was just an idea that had been crashing around in my head for many months and Starr Tutoring was slowly plodding along, a bit like a couple out for an afternoon stroll. Arm in arm and without a care in the world.


Now I look back and think how much things have changed. I am truly grateful for what we have achieved this year and I know I couldn’t have done it without the help I have had from the other tutors (new and old), mentors both online, in the physical world, those who didn’t know they were mentoring me through the books they have written; that have left huge questions and words of inspiration in my mind. Friends and family, both mine and those whom we tutor. Catherine and Joanna who in the last few weeks have started helping with marketing and the improving my DIY website that I had created.


So why was 2018 such an amazing year?

In January, the business was plodding, I had huge dreams but I lacked inspiration in making them a reality.

My mum, 3 kids and I had a truly amazing holiday to Reykjavik (Iceland) onto Niagara Falls and then down to New York. Like my dad, I live for my holidays and I know that he would have loved every minute of it if he was still with us. But the thing is with holidays, they leave you wanting more. I had the holiday bug but if I wanted to fulfill my dreams the company had to stop plodding.




Recently, I had spoken to a friend, she was also a tutor about what I had done to grow Starr Tutoring.

I explained all the little things we do, that independently are insignificant, but accumulated make us extraordinary.

A couple of weeks later I spoke to a parent about a friend of theirs, who had a tutor for their daughter. Apparently, the tutor would sit on her phone throughout the lesson, the next student would arrive disrupting the flow of the lesson and the student had to provide her own resources.


The mentioned this to others and although this was extreme, the actions of the tutor where not uncommon.


Because there is such a shortage of tutors though, parents had to accept what they could find.


I also found I was speaking to an increasing number of tutors about growing their business. I loved it, I loved sharing the things we do and what we had done. I also believe that if parents are paying for a service, they should expect a certain standard.

There is a risk that too many poor tutors will blemish the reputation of all the fantastic ones out there. Many years ago, when my oldest was young I paid for her to be looked after whilst I went to work. She was placed in front of the television when I arrived and was still sat there when I returned. The flat where she was looked after had been cleaned and the “childminder” was now showered, dressed and ready to go. Having been a childminder I know that to be a good childminder takes a lot of hard work and the child will thrive in the stimulating, loving environment. but those like that one I found kill the reputation of the masses.


But with this in mind, in February I started The Tutor’s Tutor.

Initially it was going to be called the Tutor’s Group but after advice from a wonderful mentor it was changed. The Tutor’s Group is now our Facebook Group which at present is open for anyone to join.

From here 2018 took off!

My youngest and I went off on holiday in the summer (one of my goals). I spent £100 on a fountain pen! Why? It’s something I’ve always wanted and the knowledge that I could do it because I wanted to was amazing. I have watched my bank balance go from strength to strength because I have focused and had a far more positive and motivated mine set and most importantly, I had an agenda.


I knew exactly what I needed to do to get me on the road to success.

Over the last few months I have found several amazing new tutors with credentials I could only dream of expecting. But they also have the personality and attitude to suit.

In June I was interviewed by an International Radio station which is something I never dreamed I would be asked to do!

The Tutor Outreach Radio Show

Interviewed on an international Radio Station

The Tutor’s Tutor has become a membership platform for those who are dedicated to starting and then growing successful tutoring companies where they can make a genuine difference to the life of those they support. They know that tutoring isn’t just easy money, it takes hard work and dedication, but the gratitude and job satisfaction makes it worth it every single day.

I also created the online course on Udemy.

It had taken months to boost my confidence to do it because, what if I did it and no-one thought it was good enough. But in my heart, I knew that if I told you what I have done to make Starr Tutoring a success, the knowledge I was sharing would make every penny of it worthwhile.

The 1 Million Times Tables Challenge was created: A challenge I have set myself that in my life time I will support 1 million children find confidence in their times tables.

Last month I ran a workshop. It was more successful than I could ever have imagined. The feedback was amazing.


Our reputation is growing all the time.


My goals and aspirations for next year are so much bigger. I know that I can’t play small. To play small is selfish, because I am limiting the number of people I help if I do. Having said that I have also come to realise I can’t do it alone, there is no I in team, but more importantly, my knowledge, time and capabilities will only take me so far.


To make Starr Tutoring the national success that I want it to be, I will need help.


If I want to help people all around the world create fantastic tutoring businesses so that they too can support people to the best of their abilities, I will need help.

“To grow any business, you have to grow the business owner.”

“For things to change, you have to change.”


I have changed. My mindset and attitude have changed. As a consequence, my world has changed and I have been able to change the life of so many more people.


If you want to join us in the “The Tutor’s Tutor” membership group and get the support needed to take your business to the next level, click here to find out more



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