What does the Big Bus Tour ™ have in common with tutoring?

Posted on August 28th, 2018

What does the Big Bus Tour ™ have in common with tutoring?


Yesterday was the bank holiday so mum, my youngest and I went for a day out in London. We used the Big Bus ™ as our transport to give mum the chance to go down memory lane.

Some of the buses had live commentary others had a pre-recorded tape.

Thinking about this afterwards it seemed that this is very similar to how tutors work.


If a student wants to achieve X, some tutors will have a predetermined set of work that they will work through to achieve that goal.

Other tutors will look at the individual involved and consider what would the best route to take be? What questions do they need to ask? They can and will ask if the student has any questions before they move on.


I appreciate that having a predetermined set of work is a lot more efficient. It can be easily reproduced and anyone who is recommended to you as a tutor will know exactly what to expect.

Yet, we are all individuals. We all learn differently. What is the best route for one individual may not be the best for another.


Yesterday we had to take several diversions due to road closures. This lead to generic music being played. These road closures are like metaphors for a child not getting something and needing to take an alternative route to get them to their final destination.


Will you just kill time and “play generic music” or will you talk them through the alternative route?


We are all different and we need to celebrate that fact. It needs to be embraced. As tutors we need to give the child the individual support they need to reach their personal goals and realise that sometimes a one style suits all approach, doesn’t work.


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