Who can I ask? Safeguarding children when tutoring

Posted on August 1st, 2018

Who can I ask? Safeguarding children

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If you work for yourself as a tutor there will be times when things will occur and you will wish there was someone you could ask for advice.


About a year after I started tutoring I started going to a young girl who lived alone with her mum and their three dogs.

The mum didn’t work. She had recently left her job on health grounds after a car accident whilst travelling there.

Whilst I was in the kitchen carrying out the lesson she would sit watching her soaps and doing her needle work. She didn’t like walking the dogs so that was left to the girl (aged 9 at the time).

Because of the mum’s aversion to walking the dogs and the daughter being at school all day the dogs weren’t getting the opportunity to go out and relieve themselves. Therefore, they would do this all over the living room floor.


When the girl came out of her lesson it would be her responsibility to clear it up.

Within a couple of months one of the dogs had a little of puppies. This meant there was now the mum, the daughter, the 3 original dogs and 2 of the puppies that they had decided to keep. All now the responsibility of the daughter to clean up after whilst the mum sat watching the TV.


I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt I ought to ask the advice of someone, but who?

The social services would probably be my best option but without any work colleagues to go to for guidance I felt completely lost.


That’s why I’ve asked Richard to join us at the Starr Tutoring Association so if you need someone for advice on safeguarding issues, there is someone there to turn to.


Richard is a genuinely lovely person with 20 years of hands on involvement working in Social Work and also experience of Child Protection work with adolescents, young adults, family work and asylum.

Richard currently runs a national service that supports local authorities in providing crisis intervention cases for children and families. He has worked with most London boroughs and notably undertook work in Haringey after both Victoria Climbie and Baby P cases to help stabilize the service.


If you want more information on what the Starr Tutoring Association offers, click here:

Good luck with growing your tutoring business, I wish you all the luck and success in the world


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