Don’t let a lack of confidence stop you

Posted on July 26th, 2018

The importance of confidence

Life throws a lot of things at you and it will either boost or knock your confidence.

Too often we stop ourselves from trying things because we don’t have the confidence.

But this can stop us from doing so many things that will help us to grow great businesses.

The more our business grows, it means the more people we can help.

I have never exuded confidence like some people seem to. I am quiet and often feel very socially awkward.

Yet sometimes it is worth taking a step book and looking at yourself as an outsider and you will realise that you actually have many reasons to be proud.

My maiden name was Starr and I was always proud to be associated with my mum, dad, brother. That’s why the company is now called Starr Tutoring. Associating myself with that gave me confidence. (It also helps that star is associated with greatness and success, but in all honesty at the time of Starr Tutoring that wasn’t even a consideration).

When I started tutoring I tried very hard to keep it to myself because I didn’t want people to judge me. That is not the way to grow a business!

I kept my prices very low. I didn’t have the confidence to ask for more, I didn’t think I was worthy.

That was counter-productive. People presume they largely get what they pay for. You pay peanuts, you get peanuts. Recognition of this forced me to put my prices up.

When I started the Starr Tutoring Association I procrastinated about if for over a year.

Was I really worthy of supporting others in growing a tutoring business?

I had had a book published

I had presented workshops

Starr Tutoring had been started from nothing and now I had more work than I could cope with.

We boosted the knowledge and confidence of a lot of people. We had made a genuine difference to their lives.

I had given advise to others informally on starting / growing their tutoring business

I had a team of tutors working for me.

For years I had read, learned and implemented what I had learned from others not just about growing a business but also about learning styles and techniques.

I had made mistakes but I had learned from them.

I had achieved a lot! Maybe I could?

If I gave it a go what was the worse thing that could happen?

I would waste some time (and money) but I would continue to learn along the way.

If I didn’t give it a go what was the worse thing that could happen?

People that needed support in growing and expanding a tutoring business would never get the support that I could offer them.

Maybe not trying to help was selfish?

I had to get my own ego out of the way.

Any lack of confidence that was holding me back had to put a side.

You only live once and whilst I am on this earth I want to make a difference. I want that difference to be positive and to effect as many people as possible.

Each question I answer, each blog I write, each resource bundle I create, will hopefully offer someone somewhere a nugget of information that will inspire them and help them to succeed.

Grow your dream tutoring business

If you want more information on “The Starr Tutoring Association” CLICK HERE

Don’t let your confidence get in your way of starting and growing your tutoring business. Have a go, you might enjoy it and you will no doubt benefit others in the process.

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