Boosting your income in the summer holidays

Posted on July 13th, 2018
Cheap effective methods to market your tutoring business

What will you do this summer?


It’s mid-July and within a couple of weeks schools will break up, people will go on holiday and work as a tutor could decline along with your income.


Some people will have policies in place to state that a holding fee is required to secure the spot for when the schools go back in September.


What can you do to boost your income over the summer?

It has been said when work is low you need to drive your marketing budget up. Marketing is an investment and good marketing will bring the work back in that you need.


Here are 7 things I have done in the past to support my “Summer months income”.


Tutoring for Charity

This cost me a couple of days but it did a fantastic job of raising awareness of the company and helped to raise money for a local charity as well.

A local business lent a room for me to use for a couple of days last summer for free.

I put a couple of adverts on Facebook and mentioned it to the local radio station who were happy to interview me about it. (It was all very last minute, so this is literally all the marketing I did).

People were then invited along to have an hour’s tutoring. Instead of charging the regular fee, they were invited to put a donation in the tin for the charity instead.

I was really impressed with the support it received and the fact we had a few new leads was an even bigger added bonus.




1 Million Times Tables Challenge tshirt

Whilst you are out and about over the summer why not wear t-shirts or carry a bag that states that you’re a tutor of… and why not stop you and ask for your card/advise/ availability etc.

I’ve recently done this with the 1 Million Times Tables Challenge and the t-shirt has cost me approx. £8. If I sell 1 challenge as a result of it, I will have made a profit.


Get back in touch


Has anyone been in touch recently that you haven’t been able to support because you were too busy. Maybe there’s someone you tutored in the past but had to stop for some reason. Maybe you should send them a short email and tell them you’re available if they need your help.

It won’t cost you a penny but it could bring you in some summer income…


Free Resources

Please don’t get annoyed with me for recommending everything you do is for free!

What I have learned over the past 6 years though, is that by giving things away which have a minimal financial cost to create you will attract more people in return. They will learn more about you and decide whether they like you and your style. They can decide in advance if you are the right tutor for them. By the time they get in touch with you they are already smitten and it is far easier to convert them into a regular tutee.


Ask for references


Ask the people you have been to recently for testimonials and flaunt them all over Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc. If you’re good, tell the world and again it will help potential new tutees find confidence in you. This again will bring you in new work over the summer when your regular commitments might be on holiday.


Courses and e-books


free download for tutors

Could you create a course or an e-book containing the information that you tutor? I have done this in the past offering support with spellings, reading and maths. Although it has never made me a huge income it has helped to set me up as an expert in the field.

In the 1980’s film “Field of Dreams” there is the well know quote:

“If you build it; he will come.”

Sadly, this isn’t entirely true in business. It’s more a case of build it and then market it like mad, then people will come. (I have never put enough effort into marketing these, but I know if I did what a difference it would make).


Recently, I created the 1 million times tables challenge [CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS] and I am promoting it like mad. Now I have set myself a huge target and I know I need to be proactive to achieve it. But I also know that although it will cost me money to promote it, I will also earn a lot of money from creating it.


Finally, I’ve mentioned clothing; why not use your car as an advert?


Your mobile bill board

I regularly have magnets on the side of my car promoting Starr Tutoring. I think this cost me approximately £12 each to buy but the number of people who have got in touch as a result of seeing them. One evening I had my car parked on someone’s drive which sparked a conversation with a friend of hers. That was probably 4 years ago now. Because of that 1 conversation I have supported at least 10 more children with their maths and English!


I hope these ideas help.

I have focused on ideas which are cheap and easy to implement. They can all be adapted according to whatever you tutor.

But don’t forget, the best thing you can do to get the work in, is to be the best tutor in that subject in your area.


Why not join our Facebook group “The Tutor’s Group” where you can chat with other tutors for inspiration and ideas?


Or if you want more focused support on building a great tutoring business why not check out “The Starr Tutoring Association


Grow your dream tutoring business


Either way:




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