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Posted on July 9th, 2018
Resources that you can easily implement in your business

I’ve spent the last few days creating a resource bundle for the Starr Tutoring Association.

Going through the different resources I use made me realise what I huge library I had put together over the past 6 years.

I explain why I think using a range of resources is important in the “Learning needs to be fun to be effective” blog if you want to read it.

Because there were so many to choose from I’ve picked my top 10 resources that I use for language and spellings.


The first I chose was “The 5 Minute Challenge”.


The page is divided into 4 columns and approximately 10 to 12 rows. In the first column of each row you place a heading such as: synonyms for happy or words ending in ed. To play the game you have a copy of the sheet each. Against the clock you both try to fill as many of the boxes as you can.

When the time’s up, pens go down and you compare answers.

This game is great for getting children used to working against the clock and thinking of three different words that would suit each category.


Another game I chose was “Funny Pictures”


You start with a blank strip of paper. The first person starts by drawing a head on the top third and bending the piece of paper over so that the other person can’t see what has been drawn. They then attach a body to the bottom of the neck, fold the piece of paper and hand it back to the first person. The first person the draws the legs and feet. When the paper is opened out you are left with a fairly “wacky” picture of a person.

The task now is to think of as many ways as you can to describe the image. (You can’t alter the image once it has been opened out). Although drawing is a major feature of this game, it doesn’t need to be a excessive skill.


Making and solving word searches are other great games for practicing spellings.


When I first started tutoring I was told not to use word searches with dyslexic children by one of the leaders of a course I was doing. To be fair, I have found that many dyslexic children enjoy doing word searches and are better than most at them. Maybe that’s just a coincidence, but like everything else, as long as it is tailored to the needs of the child, I don’t think anyone should be excluded.


The Board Game

Another game I have recently started using (but isn’t mentioned in the bundle as I had already agreed the target of 10 that I had set myself before I thought this would be worth mentioning) is what I call the board game.

Start with a blank A4 (or bigger) piece of paper and choose 3 different coloured pens. Using each colour draw 6 shapes (or pictures which are relevant to the interests of the child) around the page:

Then think of 6 fairly simple forfeits:

  • miss a go,
  • have another go, etc and write them down on the board.


To play the game you both choose a colour. Using my example, I will be green, you can be gold. You can start wherever you like on the board. The first person rolls the dice and moves that number of squares in any direction. You can’t change direction half way through a roll: you can’t turn around and come back on your-self. If you land on a green, I will need to take a word from the pile and spell it, answer another question, read another page, etc. If you land on gold you would have to spell another word, read another page, answer another question… Should you land on a forfeit (in this instance the yellow star), roll the dice again. The number you roll dictates the forfeit you have to do.


I’ve enjoyed creating this bundle and I look forward to creating one which better associates with maths games. Though every game in this bundle I’m sure can be easily adapted. Just ask me if you want some inspiration on how.

I’ve loved making the images. I’m not artistic. I can draw a stick person and be asked what it is. I’m learning to be creative.

If you want to download the “Resource Bundle” it can be accessed through the Starr Tutoring Association.

This is something I have recently started to help you and others grow and expand successful tutoring businesses, using what I have learned at Starr Tutoring to help you. I have made many mistakes over the years, but every time I have learned from them. That’s what I hope is important. No one is perfect but if I can improve just 1% every day, by the end of the year I will be 356% better than I was at the start of the previous year.

I want to become the best tutor that there is and I want to take you with me.


Work together to be the best tutors


  • A new training bundle will be uploaded every month, which has videos as well as notes and often downloads to help you to implement the various things into your business.


  • You will also have access to special needs and safeguarding experts should you ever need their support in your work.


  • You can also join our growing community of tutors to support and guide each other. By supporting each other we can make sure that when people are looking for tutors, they come across someone like you who is committed to doing a fantastic job in helping them gain the knowledge they need.


The membership group is just £27/month.

I have kept the price low, not because I question the value I think you will receive from it, but because I want it to be available to as many people as possible.

To join, just simply click on the link below (you can leave at any time there is no minimum stay contract) and I hope you find loads of value from the resources that you find there.

See you there soon.

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