What would the best tutor do?

Posted on July 7th, 2018
Could this thought help you grow your tutoring business?

What would the best tutor do?


Could this thought help you grow your tutoring business?

I’ve just finished creating the resource bundle for the “Starr Tutoring Association” membership group.


It’s been eye opening.


When I first decided to make this bundle, I thought I would be able to mention every resource that I use. It soon became apparent that I actually have a huge number of resources that I use.


Because over the past 18 years I have learned that there are a huge number of benefits to using a range of resources. (I won’t go into this in detail as I talk about it in other blogs).

When I started tutoring, I had no idea what was expected of me. A friend and I brainstormed what we thought would be expected from a tutor.

That was over 6 years ago.

In that time, I have built up a team of tutors and a successful tutoring company.

The main thing that has changed is when I first started I asked: “What would be expected of a tutor?”


Now I ask: “What would be expected of the very best tutor?”


Could this thought help you grow your tutoring business?

This is the philosophy I run the business by and it seems to work. We always have a waiting list and the feedback myself and the other tutors receive has been amazing.

For that I am truly grateful to them.


The tutors at Starr Tutoring are amazing!


So, in answer to question: “What would the best tutor do?” these are what we do at Starr Tutoring:

  • Every lesson is tailor made for the needs of the individual child
  • It is planned in advance and the parents are given access to this plan if required
  • We always travel to the tutee so that we can offer a face to face service in an environment where the child is comfortable and relaxed
  • We offer praise and encouragement
  • Building confidence is as important to us as building knowledge. We believe these go hand in hand anyway.
  • We approach every lesson with a smile
  • Politeness and customer service is paramount
  • We take our shoes of when we go into someone’s house. Trivial but shows we respect them and their property.
  • We take the time at the end of every lesson to talk to the parents about what we have done and the progress that has been made.
  • Each week we send an email out (to anyone that wants it) offering techniques on how to support a child with English and maths at home.
  • We also acknowledge that everyone learns differently and has different interests, so the resources that we provide reflect and embrace that.

Although this isn’t everything we offer it’s a start.

But the philosophy of ensuring the resources suit the needs of children from 5 to 16 and adults as well, with a range of interests, learning styles, strengths and weaknesses has created a huge library of resources.


The images show just some of the 10 resources I have placed in the resource bundle.


My goal is to support other people in building successful tutoring businesses.


There is a huge demand which is constantly growing for great tutors. I can’t support as many people as I would like individually.


That is why I created the membership group.

My intention is that it becomes the best online support group for people who are wanting to start or expand their own tutoring companies.


I have kept the price down to just £27/month so that it is accessible to all. There is no commitment to stay and you can cancel your membership at any time. If you want to join us, click on the link below:



I have made a lot of mistakes over the past 6 years since I started Starr Tutoring but I have learned from them. I have made a lot of costly mistakes in that time, hopefully I can prevent you from making the same ones.

Learning and reading, growing and improving have been forefront in my mind.

I want to be the best tutor there is. I want to help you share that position with me.


Work together to be the best tutors

In the membership group you will, amongst other things: receive a new training bundle each month and have access to experts on special needs support and safe guarding children.

I will pass on to you everything I have learned so that tutors who are passionate and care are the ones who are found by the parents seeking support.

To join a growing movement of exceptional, committed tutors click on the link below:


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