How marketing for your tutoring business is like a game of “Guess Who”

Posted on May 20th, 2018
Starr Tutoring Brand Associates

Focusing your marketing is like a game of “Guess Who”.  You probably remember the game from your childhood. You have a board with rows of faces ready to be eliminated as you try to work out who your opponent’s person is that they have chosen.

When you are deciding who it would be appropriate to send it out to, the more you can ask questions and eliminate those you don’t want to tutor the more effective your marketing spend will be.

Some of the questions you may need to ask as you try to find your ideal market:

What does this person need support with?

It’s pointless sending out a generic message to all those looking for a tutor; at the very least you need to state the subject(s) you are able to support.

Is your speciality a language, a science, maths, English, humanities or something completely different like a musical instrument, dance or craft?


The next question you might apply is:

What level of support does this person need?

Initially keep this fairly focused. You can always branch out at a later date. The more precise you can be the fewer resources you will need to source/ create.

When I first started tutoring I stated I could support children in Key stage 1 and 2 with Maths and English. This was already 4 lots of resources I potentially had to create. I quickly expanded onto Key Stage 4 which then as a matter of course quickly incorporated Key stage 3. Now I had the potential of having to create 8 separate sets of resources and as no 2 people are alike the odds were that was a minimum. I used to sit up into the early hours of the morning creating resources which were appropriate to the needs of that child.

Make life easy for yourself and stay focused. The more focused you can be, the more likely it is that the resources you create can be used for more than one person.

Over the years this catalogue of resources has proved priceless, but when I first set out I was making life very difficult for myself….

Just by focusing in on these 2 questions I have vastly reduced the number of people who will pay attention to my marketing.


Where will the lessons take place?

I have written an e-book on this, highlighting the benefits and disadvantages of the available options. It can be downloaded via the knowledge centre and it is also available via “The Starr Tutoring Association”.

If someone is looking for a tutor to come to their house and you are intending to work as an online tutor, this is not someone you need to appeal to in your marketing. Considering this question when focusing your marketing will save you time and ensure the people who do get in touch are definitely relevant potential tutees.


Another question to pose is:

If someone is travelling (you or the tutee) how far would they be willing to travel?

It seems obvious that if someone needs to travel you do not need to create a national advert.


Like with the game “Guess Who” there are so many questions you can ask to narrow down to that one person who counts. I will go into them in far more detail in the training bundles in the “Starr Tutoring Association”.

As you write your post/ profile/ etc. answer these questions as you speak directly to the person you want to tutor. The more you can do this and explain how you can help them in doing so the more likely it is that the right person will be in touch.

If you want more information on the “Starr Tutoring Association” click here for more details.



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