Posted on March 21st, 2018

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I was having a chat with a parent the other day after a lesson and I was amazed by what she said.

So, I’d like to share the conversation with you.

They had been away for the weekend with friends and somehow the conversation came up that both families had tutors for their children.

So they inevitably began to share notes.

The mum I was speaking to mentioned that I’d started going to them when their oldest daughter was in year 9 so that I could get her ready / through her GCSE’s.

I went to their house and took everything with me for the lesson that would be needed (from resources to stationery, etc.). We used a variety of resources and the older daughter had always seemed to enjoy the lessons.

I now go to support their younger son. He’s in year 5. We the structure is the same as above but when necessary I will ask the school for support on what they feel would be favourable to cover in the lessons so that we can complement each other.

The mum stated that she didn’t know where my phone was but she’d never seen me use it (I keep it in the car, but the relevance of this point will become evident in a moment).

The other parents seemed surprised by this.

Their daughter went to a tutor’s house once a week for maths support.

The tutor was also a piano teacher and all the lessons took place in her home.

It was the responsibility of the parents to provide anything that would be needed in the lessons.

Print out their own resources or provide any relevant text books. Stationery would also be provided by the family as needed.

The tutor would often make / answer calls during the lesson and it was the norm for the next tutee to turn up during this hour and start to get themselves ready for their piano lesson, which inevitably disturbed the concentration / train of thought /conversation that was occurring at that time.

I was amazed!

I know we all have different expectations from what we deliver as tutors and what parents should expect. However, we both agreed that if that family is paying for your time they should have complete access to it. Your time should not be shared with our phone and other people arriving and getting prepared for their lesson.

There should be certain standards that tutors have to adhere to in order to prevent the reputation of the majority been destroyed by the minority.

I pride myself to the effort we put into our lessons and the quality of the service we provide, though I sometimes think we take the things we do for granted.

From time to time we should all stand back and address what we do. Praise ourselves for the fantastic things we offer and consider if there is anything within our service that we could improve upon.

That way we would know that every family was getting value for money and every child is getting the very best tutoring that they deserve.

I’ve recently started the “Tutor’s Group” an online membership group where those starting out as tutors, or wanting to grow their tutoring business can go to for support and guidance.

I am keeping the price minimal as my aim is to help increase the quality of tutoring in the UK. Make parents aware of what they should expect and support as many tutors as possible in reaching these standards.

If you want more information on “The Tutor’s Group”  please do get in touch.


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