Our dog has what every tutoring business needs!

Posted on March 14th, 2018

This isn’t a blog about a beautiful, cuddly, family pet. In many respects she is far from it; she is stubborn and unbearable at times!

My mum used to have a Labrador cross named Dog. I would regularly walk her and although strangers would say hello, there was nothing about either of us that made them want to stop and talk.

Yet walking snow, things are different people often stop and stare and start conversations with us.


There is something unique about her.

She has something unique

Snow came into our lives 2014. She is a sort of collie cross that was gone from rags to riches!

Before she arrived in this country she was a stray living on the streets of Romania. Then in the winter of 2012 during a particularly harsh winter she took shelter under a park bench. How long she had been there I don’t know, but during those moments a block of ice fell off a nearby building, crushing that bench with her underneath.

Fortunately someone witnessed the event and took her to a local dog shelter. She was treated for multiple fractures and dislocated bones in her back end.

After several days they decided the best option was to amputate one of her legs. A charity connected to the shelter called out for help to rehome her and we were lucky enough that she found her way to us.

She now rules our house and has become a spoilt, pampered mongrel (that is loved dearly).

I’m not saying that in order to make your business stand out you need to lose a limb but what I am saying is that there needs to be something different about you that will get people talking to you.

I was recently looking at the profiles of tutors on a national website and 10 out of 12 of the profiles started with:

“I am a…”

This was then followed by what subject they had graduated in and where. Some mentioned how long they had been tutoring others didn’t.

But as a potential parent, there was nothing in that opening sentence that made any one of them different to any of the others apart from maybe their price or location.

In one sentence how can you explain what you do that would make you stand out from the rest. Our mission statement at Starr Tutoring is:

“We build confidence and knowledge in maths and English in the comfort of your own home.”

Starr Tutoring exists to boost your confidence in

I can then explain, how, why and what gives us the credibility to feel we can do this.

But I didn’t say the same as everyone else; my opening statement gave me my unique talking point.

What is your opening sentence?

If you want help writing yours email me at dawn@starrtutoring.co.uk and I will be in touch to help.

I look forward to speaking soon

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