Happy Birthday Starr Tutoring

Posted on March 12th, 2018


Happy Birthday

6 years ago a friend suggested I had a go at tutoring.

With no idea what was expected of a tutor and with not much more confidence I was talked into giving it ago.

It is incredible how much can change in 6 years!

It was a Sunday evening in March 2012 when I finally found the courage to put my profile onto a national tutoring website. I was in a job I really didn’t like and this seemed to be my passport out of it.

A friend and I had brainstormed what we felt we (as parents) would expect from someone tutoring our children. In the profile I stated that every lesson would be planned in advance and shared with the family so they could change it to make it more appropriate if necessary. The lessons would take place in their home and the lesson would be completely tailor made to the needs of their individual child.

This aspect of my tutoring hasn’t changed much over the years and yet so much else has.

At first I didn’t have the confidence to tell people what I was doing. That’s why I put my details onto a national website because I thought they were less likely to be found by anyone whom new me!

But I’ve found once you start to build a reputation it’s very hard to keep things quite.

The business quickly grew from 1 or 2 lessons a week to 10 lessons a week. This is the milestone I had set myself to be able to leave the job I was presently working in to focus all my attention on tutoring.

Since then it has continued to grow to now working with approximately 40 different children on a weekly basis.

Now there isn’t just me either, there’s a team of us. It’s a team I’m really proud of. We all work by the same moto of increasing confidence as well as knowledge in maths and English.

Our reputation continues to grow with phone calls most days asking for tutoring.

Over the years I’ve witnessed a range of styles many which I don’t feel I can personally promote when used in isolation:

  • Lecturing with a white board
  • Reading to someone from a textbook
  • Arriving with just a pen and no preparation

But Starr Tutoring has given me more than just a business I am proud of.

Through it I have met some amazing families.

I have met inspiring business owners and celebrities such as Levi Roots and Karen Brady.

Levi Roots 1

The money I have earned has paid for my family and I to go on some amazing holidays to places like Morocco, Finland, Iceland, Rhodes and New York.

I’ve had a book published and written an e-book (which I actually think is better than the published book). I’ve run courses to help parents support their own children at home.

I’ve also written online courses.

I’m not making millions don’t get me wrong!

But my goal for the next 6 years having proved to myself that it can be done; is to support others in growing successful tutoring businesses so that more of the children who need their confidence and knowledge improving can find the great support they need.

Parents and children should expect certain standards and I want to help make sure these standards are met.

It doesn’t need to be hard.

Very small implementations can make a huge difference to the service you offer.

If you are thinking of starting a tutoring business, or have started one and are keen to take it to the next level, I can help.

Click here for more details

Happy Birthday Starr Tutoring. Let’s see what the next 6 years has in store for you!



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