What can a tutor charge?

Posted on February 1st, 2018

What can a tutor earn?

This is a question with no one correct answer.

There are so many variables when considering what a tutor can earn that the answer to this question has a huge range and no clear solution.


Here are 5 influences which you need to consider when setting your price as a tutor:

1: What are other people charging?

One of the worst mistakes you can do is look to see what others in your geographical area are charging and charge the same. If you do this it will make you blend in much more with the crowd and you could get lost there.

Instead, decide what it is that you offer that goes above and beyond what others are charging and set your price somewhere above the average point with your unique point as it’s justification.

At Starr Tutoring we always travel to the tutee and provide everything that may be needed in the lessons. We use one to one lessons so that the support is entirely focused on one person. We have also built up a fantastic reputation and been runners up in a national customer service award.

Each of these will help you to justify your rates.

2: What are your qualifications?

Many students tutor in order to subsidise their studying. They no-doubt have a great, up to date subject knowledge.

However, someone who is still working towards a degree or formal qualification will find it harder to find people to pay a higher rate.


3: What is your experience?

In contrary to the above point it could be that you don’t have a formal qualification but you have a range and depth of experience which could be as beneficial to the person you are working with.

Both of these will also be influenced by the subject you are supporting.

Someone looking for a physics tutor may look for formal qualifications. Someone looking for a tutor in a creative subject such as art may look for experience.

It could also be that a person with learning difficulties is looking for someone who has experience of working with their needs and appreciates their learning style would be a more suitable tutor for them.

4: Are you tutoring online or in the physical world?

This will make a huge difference to what you are justified in charging.

If you are tutoring online, your rates will be lower than those of someone who travels to the tutee or has the tutee travel to them as this is more time consuming. It also expands the range of resources you can use but this extends the amount of preparation time required.

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages but tutoring in the physical world will increase your hourly price.

5:  What makes you stand out and would inspire people to choose you as a tutor over the other available tutors out there?

I’ve touched on this previously in point 1 but it is worth coming back to as it is such an important point.

There is a message which is repeated time and time again by business coaches and mentors: If you do the same as everyone else you will receive the same as everyone else.

The point here is that you no doubt want to stand out from everyone else. You want to be noticed. You want to offer a service that makes you stand out from the crowd. What can you do that will help you to achieve this?

There are many things you can do in answer to this question but the key thing I would suggest is to offer fantastic customer service.

I hope these ideas have helped you to decide what you could charge.

Maybe now you’re in more of a dilemma than you were before; I hope not.

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