The advantages of not following the crowd

Posted on January 30th, 2018

I had a lesson in life today which can easily be transfered into any business.

This morning we arrived at Niagara Falls train station to travel on down to New York. It was snowing heavily and the temperature was below freezing.

When the taxi pulled up others were stood outside the train station waiting for the door to be opened.

We stood and waited with them.

After half an hour a member of staff turned up, went around to the back of the station and walked straight in; the door at the rear of the building had been unlocked the entire time.

In life it is so easy to do what everyone else is doing and this is so often reflected in business.

Many tutors are moving to an online existence and for many people this is the ideal help they need because they travel frequently and it means they don’t need to miss lessons whilst they are away.

Other tutors always expect the tutee to travel to them. Again, for many people this is the ideal scenario as these families may not have a suitable kitchen table or suitable area to have the lessons in their own house.

But don’t forget the families who are looking for someone to tutor in their home. There are very few tutors who offer this. For a tutor, this is the least efficient method of working but as James Caan (former Dragon in Dragon’s Den) was taught by his dad in his book “From Penny Lane to Dragon’s Den” sometimes it pays of to observe what the crowd is doing and do the opposite.

This makes you unique. It gives you a huge potential of people who are looking for a suitable tutor when others can’t meet their needs.

There are so many ways to stand out from crowd and to follow your instincts in growing a successful tutoring business.

It would have been greatly beneficial (and warmer) if we had done that this morning….

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