Do you aspire to have your own tutoring business?

Posted on January 3rd, 2018

Dream Big and Grow!


Will it be just a part time job to help you subsidise another income, or a part time job that you can fit in around your children. Maybe like me you dream of building a tutoring business that will become a national household name, the tutoring equivalent of Mc Donalds!!

I’ve learned that no dream is too big, no mountain is too great to climb.

In order to achieve your goals, large or small it will involve exactly the same steps:

Set your goal

Break it smaller targets

Set in place a plan to achieve these targets and start implementing them.


Your goal may be to have 3 tutees within a month of starting.

This will probably be quite achievable for most people, but would you personally need to do to achieve it?

Where will you find these potential tutees?

Will it be online using resources such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging or in the physical world using such devises as networking, fliers through doorways, magnets on the side of your car?

Each of these will be affective in their own way but will carry their own advantages and disadvantages.

Facebook is obviously free to set up and you can boost posts or advertise their for a relatively small cost though you need to be careful that the advertising you do leads to actual new tutees rather than just more likes on your page; they are a moral boost but don’t actually help to pay your bills.

As an alternative magnets on the side of your car can be unbelievably affective.

On average the magnets will cost you approx. £15 / pair.

One night when tutoring at a child’s house the mum was picked up by friends to go out to dinner. Whilst they were out the conversation came up about my car with the magnets on advertising my tutoring business. Within a couple of days both the people she had been out with for dinner had phoned me and organised tutoring for their own children. From here I have received a further 6 referrals which I am now supporting.

Another time I was filling up with petrol and someone shouted across the forecourt for my business court. Someone else then asked for one as well.

To help me grow the Starr Tutoring Business in 2018 I am going to be creating more

  • Blogs
  • Handouts
  • Building the support in our Facebook groups
  • Increasing our visibility on social media
  • Courses and e-books
  • Studying and learning so I can pass my new knowledge onto others.


To offer more support to those wanting to start their own tutoring business I will be:

  • Introducing STBA TV (Starr Tutoring Brand Associates) a fortnightly Youtube clip offering in sites on how you can grow your own tutoring business.
  • A weekly newsletter
  • An online course offering you techniques on starting your own tutoring business
  • A membership group where you can find support from others and have access to more techniques and resources to help you grow your business. (Monthly subscription for those who aren’t Brand Associates)


Maybe these are ideas you can copy and implement yourself to help you to grow your own business or maybe you are interested in enrolling on them.  If so fill in the form below and I will send you details as each item becomes available.


I look forward to hearing from you soon


If you want more support in growing your own tutoring business, or  if you want to be associated with a company that will be nationally recognised as offering the best tutoring services in maths and English, find out how you can become a Starr Tutoring Brand Associate by clicking HERE

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