How to make your profile stand out from the crowd

Posted on December 28th, 2017

Have you written a profile that you use to promote your services as a tutor?

Write a tutoring profile that will help you to stand out


A couple of years ago a family asked me to help me find them a maths tutor for their son. At the time I was supporting him with English and I didn’t have the time to take on any additional hours (it was before Starr Tutoring had grown beyond being just me and one or two others).

I looked on one of the national tutoring websites and started to go through the endless profiles which were on there.

Nearly every profile started with very similar comments and they all sounded the same:

“Hi, I’m …. I graduated from…. University with a … degree in ….

I have been tutoring for X number of years and have helped a lot of people achieve high grades in their exams….”

I agree that this is an opportunity to promote yourself, but when everyone is saying the same thing, it’s unlikely that a profile like this will help you to stand out.

Further on this point, most people looking for a tutor are more concerned about their needs than your background.

This probably doesn’t seem logical. Please let me explain a bit further by giving you a hypothetical situation.

I am a mum with an 11 year old. They are a few years away from doing any serious exams but they are already falling along way behind at school.  I don’t expect them to achieve top grades in their exams, I just want them to enjoy school and feel that they can keep up with their peers rather than always be the one who does the worst in their class assessments. I don’t want to face the nightly tears anymore. I’m realistic in my expectations; I just want them to be happy!

When people get in touch asking for help, this is normally the scenario (or something similar) that they talk me through.

If this is situation, when I look at the profiles I am not concerned with your qualifications, which university you went to or the great grades you have helped people to achieve.

I am looking for someone who cares about helping my child. I am looking for someone who will help boost their confidence. Great grades in exams in a few years’ time aren’t my main focus at the moment and you having a great subject knowledge isn’t important to me; I’m more concerned that you can pass that knowledge on to my child.

(If you are only wanting to tutor those who are about to sit exams, you will have a far greater “turnover” of tutees making it more important to keep your name and details out there so that as one set of exams finish you have someone else waiting to take their place so you don’t have a long term drop in wages!)

So how about rephrasing your profile to look something more like this:

“Is your child struggling with….? Are you looking for someone who will be able to boost their confidence in …. as well as their knowledge? If you are, I can help.

Let me tell you about myself. For the past X years I have been supporting children (and adults) with …. Over that time I have helped to greatly increase not only their confidence but also their abilities, though I believe these are both closely related. “

You could also insert some testimonials confirming your claims. Instantly your profile answers the parent’s concerns and will encourage them to read on to find out more about you.

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