How can I grow my tutoring business?

Posted on December 25th, 2017

How do I grow my tutoring company?

How do I grow my tutoring business_

Every day you need to ask yourself what 1 job you can do today to help you grow your tutoring business.

Here are my top 6 suggestions of things I have done to help me get Starr Tutoring to a recognised company with a fantastic reputation.

  1. Give something for nothing

Every week during term time we send out an email to parents offering simple techniques that they can use at home to help their child with their maths or English.

We use mailchimp as our email service provider as it is free initially until you have grown your email list to over a specific number. There are other providers out there but this one has proven to be great for beginners.


  1. Blog

We regularly write blogs for our websites (Starr Tutoring and Starr Tutoring Brand Associates). We do this for several reasons.

Firstly, blog writing may provide the answer that someone is looking for without them having to take any further action. Surely when you are trying to create a profit this isn’t something to endorse!

By doing this, you are building up trust with the reader. You are also showing that you have a significant amount of knowledge in your subject making you a leader in your field.

You may argue that there are many others out there doing exactly the same thing. This is true but everyone does it differently so don’t be afraid to do it as well. Use you voice, your opinion, be genuine and authentic to what you believe in.


  1. Facebook

Over the past few years we have received many referrals through Facebook. I don’t post several times a day but I do make the effort to be fairly frequent and to offer something that will be of benefit to people. Parents are increasingly asking for suggestions for reliable tutors that people can recommend. Be the person that is recommended. Be present so that when the parent then tries to stalk you to find out more about you (don’t be disgusted, we all do it!!) they find a series of testimonials and get a feeling for who you are and what you can offer.


  1. Offer a great service!

I hope this is obvious…. When people find something or someone they think is great they can’t wait to tell the world.

Parents standing around the school gates will chatter about how they have found their child a tutor and they are fantastic because of a, b or c…

Parents equally will stand around the school gates and state that they are looking for a new tutor because the last one they had let them down, didn’t build a rapport with their child, was unprepared, etc.

Don’t be that tutor!


  1. Leaflet drops

I have always dropped the leaflets off myself. It is time consuming and could be down by an outside agency, but I enjoy the exercise and I know the job will be done properly. Gates will shut behind us, they won’t be dumped in a a ditch somewhere to blow all over the street at a later date. Letterboxes asking for no junk mail or leaflets will not get them.

Why is this important?

Because, even just basics like this are giving people an impression of your company. First impressions last, so it is important to make sure even from this early stage they are the right impressions.

Are leaflet drops effective?

On the whole, yes they have been.

I can get 1000 leaflets printed for between £60 and £100. For each 1000 leaflet drop I do I can expect to get 1 or 2 new tutees (in the past it has taken up to a year for someone to ring and say I put a leaflet through their door, they are now in a position to look for a tutor.

2 new tutees out of 1000 leaflets may seem like a low return. But that tutee has only cost me between £30 and £50 each to encourage them to join us. That investment will only take a couple of lessons for it to be earned back.


  1. Tutoring for Charity

2017 was the first year we did this and although it was only a success on a small scale we now have something to build on.

For 5 days over the holidays we offered tutoring in a central geographical location in maths, English and the 11+

Instead of charging a fixed fee we just asked for a donation to one of our chosen charities.

This meant that people who were unsure about getting a tutor permanently could have a trial run. Those who couldn’t afford a tutor under normal circumstances, managed to get the support their child needed over the holidays. This who only wanted a one off boost had access to this with no long term commitments.

It got us a short interview on the local radio and people who otherwise would never have heard of us, were suddenly aware of our existence.


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