What does it mean to be a finalist for a national customer service award?

Posted on December 22nd, 2017

5 years ago a friend suggested I had a go at tutoring.

I agreed to give it ago to help boost my main income.

Quickly Starr Tutoring became my main job.


Because I realised that:

a) I needed to work hard and more importantly

b) I wanted to treat the people I supported in a way that reflected how I would want my children to be tutored and I would want treating myself.

A friend sat down with me and brainstormed what we would expect from a tutor. This then became the back bone of the company:

  • To plan every lesson
  • To tailor make every lesson rather than make a generic one style suits all. Meeting the needs of the individual learner was paramount.
  • Travelling to the tutee was a priority, so they were inconvenienced as little as possible.

Yes it has been hard work, but it has taken the company from being me to a growing team which is capable of competing against other companies on a national level and be recognised for the hard work we’ve put in.

Becoming a finalist offers people the reassurance that we will do our very best for them.

This will help us to grow and will take the company from strength to strength.

There is a growing need for tutors and if you want to be associated with a company with a fantastic reputation click here to find out more on how this can be done



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