What equipment does a tutor need?

Posted on December 21st, 2017

In terms of necessary equipment, becoming is relatively straight forward.

The equipment needed by a tutor will obviously vary according to the tutoring style you adopt.

For the purpose of this blog I will concentrate on off-line lessons as this is where my expertise lies.

What equipment does a tutor need_

I have seen tutors use various teaching styles the most popular 4 seem to be as follows:

(I am rating these personally as the worst style to the best, but this is just personal opinion).

  1. Discussion

A tutor turns up with little more than a pen and their knowledge and the lesson will consist of discussing the relevant topic. The tutor will try to draw out the knowledge that the student possesses and by discussing it, they will explore it from different angles and be able to address the pros and cons and foundation of the subject.


  1. Text books

The tutor will spend the hour reading to the student from the text book. As is the case with most text books, there will be questions at the end of each subsection or chapter, that the student will then work through to access their understanding.

For this style of tutoring the tutor will need to provide the text book and they would probably be expected to provide the pen and paper required for the student to answer the questions. Some tutors may expect the child to provide the pen and paper required themselves.


  1. Worksheets

In this style of tutoring the most obvious form of equipment is obviously the worksheets required for the child to work through. In order to produce these you will need a computer (with internet connection if you are not creating your own. A printer will also be necessary to print them out).


The lesson will probably start with some discussion and explanation to clarify the student’s understanding. They will progress onto completing worksheets to reinforce and assess the learning gained through the earlier discussions.

Again, it is no doubt at the discretion of the tutor as to whether they will provide the stationary required or whether it will be down to the student to provide their own.


  1. A range of teaching resources

I would suggest that a tutor needs to rely on each of the above approaches of tutoring in addition to creating other resources such as: quizzes, games, creating mind maps with the student and other various resources.

Clearly, the wider range of resources used the more equipment you will need. You may choose to laminate games so that they will last longer, you will need glue and scissors to create them. You will need coloured pens or felt tips to create mind maps.

None of this equipment is expensive but will provide a better learning experience for the child.

A better learning experience will lead to the tutor having a more fulfilling job, getting more and better testimonials and a more successful future as a tutor.


I hope this has helped. If you would like to discuss it further we can have a 30 minute call at no cost (additional phone calls will cost £97/hour).


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