7 steps to help you stand out as a tutor

Posted on December 12th, 2017

Here are 7 of the top 10 things we do that helped us reach the final 6 of a national customer service award this year.

I believe by doing this we are offering the very best customer support that we can to the people we tutor and their families:

I am sure that by implementing some of these ideas you will also stand out in the crowd as being a fantastic tutor, who offers a great service:

  1. We always travel to the tutee. Parents are busy people trying to juggle work, children and home life. We felt that by travelling to the family it meant they didn’t have to go out on cold, wet winter evenings and could get on with their tasks whilst we worked in their home with their children. Some parents also felt as if it removed a barrier from the parent and the tutor as it gives them more of an opportunity to get involved. From the child’s perspective it also meant they were in an environment where they were familiar and comfortable (this was of paramount importance when working with autistic children) making them more relaxed and more susceptible to learning.


  1. We provide everything that is needed for the lessons. For some families the hourly rate of a tutor stretches the purse strings. We felt that by providing everything would help relieve this financial stress and giving the child a stationary pack was also an icebreaker. This had the additional benefit of time wasn’t wasted trying to find pen, paper, etc. when we arrived.



  1. We make the lessons varied and use arrange of resources to support more learning styles. Over the years one of the key things I have learned is that we all learn differently. I have also learned that the more places our brain can find the information we need the easier it is to recall it when necessary. By using a range of resources: quizzes, discussions, worksheets and games we are providing the brain with the variety it requires. It also makes the lesson more interesting, captures interest and makes us stand out from many other tutors.


  1. Every lesson is planned in advance and catered towards the needs of the individual child. We recognise that every child is different and a one style suits all approach generally doesn’t work, so by tailor making every lesson we can guarantee to be supporting that child’s needs very specifically.



  1. We strive to build confidence as well as knowledge. I am a firm believer that once someone is confident in a subject they are more likely to practice it. The more they practice the better they become and the more that confidence grows. Building the child’s confidence is therefore one of our key objectives.


  1. We address every lesson with a smile; this should be obvious along with offering to take our shoes off when we go into people’s houses.



  1. We finally recognise that in order to offer the best customer service, it isn’t necessarily about having tutors with the best qualifications or from the best universities, it is about having tutors who can share they knowledge, their enthusiasm and boost every child’s self-belief.


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